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The Popinator - YouTube

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You say the word "Pop!" and it shoots a piece of popcorn into your mouth. I <3 technology!!!

fat bastard get in my belly gif Imgur

george costanza popcorn gif

Amy Poehler Tina Fey popcorn gif

cartoon dragon eating popcorn gif Imgur

High quality Michael Jackson popcorn gif:

This is so much more convenient than feeding myself!

Scarlett Johansson popcorn gif scarjo







Jimmy Fallon popcorn gif hIvqK

(thank you, reaction gifs...)

Miley Cyrus is aghast.

Miley Cyrus popcorn gif


IT Crowd Maurice popcorn GO gif

Alyson Hannigan and Sarah Michelle Gellar join the party!

Buffy Sarah Michelle Gellar popcorn gif

Eddie Griffin Eating Popcorn GIF

Oh deer.

Deer Popcorn gif

Oh raccoon.

Raccoon Popcorn gif

demi lovato popcorn gif

Eating popcorn gifs - PandaWhale

I keep thinking about the Popinator.

It solves a problem I never knew I had.

But now I wonder how I'm living without it...

Ever seen a popcorn kernel pop?

popcorn kernel popping gif

So beautiful.

That's so close to really cool.  Launching and mouth targeting seem hard.  Popping corn you could do on a hot rock.  Why does it take stale, cold, pre-popped corn from a bag rather than raw kernels?

That is a really good question. Not sure.

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