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Batman and Flash Are Friends

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Flash, Batman, and J'onn all walk into an unfamiliar aircraft...



G4: "Batman likes to think of himself as a self-sufficient badass who takes his skills and vast resources right to the criminal element of Gotham. But, at the end of the day, by not having any actual powers, teaming-up with other superheroes tends to be a humbling experience."


That's ridiculous. Batman has saved the Justice League's bacon many times. He's the most intelligent and most resourceful member of the team.

Like in the finale of the Secret Origins story arc in the Justice League show on Cartoon Network. All of the superpowered members are totally screwed, but Batman had evaded capture and is about to save their bacon (though J'onn had helped him my telepathically hiding Batman's presence from the enemy):

In Tabula Rasa, A.M.A.Z.O. is kicking the Justice League's ass until Bats shows up and takes advantage of the android's weakness (which the others had not figured out yet).

The robot just barely gets done saying "BUT U HAVE NO SUPERPOWERZ LOL" when Bats hands his ass to him:

Anyway, the main point of this post was to be a place to document the special friendship between Batman and Flash, not prove that Batman deserves to be on the Justice League!

So Batman and Flash are friends, but are they superfriends?


I'm not sure.


But Superman and Wonder Woman are.

I remember an episode (lol which was the Tabula Rasa episode) of Justice League where the villain was able to steal the super powers from everyone but nothing happened when he tried to take powers from Batman. Basically Batman had to save everyone's ass.

On topic, Ive never really thought of the Flash as the least intelligent member of the Justice League but it seems to be so. I wonder if its influenced by how limited his power is. Kind of a Ricky Bobby "I wanna go fast" mentality and ADD nature. Even Kid Flash in Young Justice is a total goofball with crappy jokes. In my opinion most of the Green Lanterns are kind of idiots too (due to cockiness rather than intelligence). I would say the exceptions being Alan Scott and Jon Stewart, although Scott could have been a total cocky dick back in the golden age for all I know.



Batman kicking ass:

Hush, Batman vs Superman (the ring Batman is wearing is made of kryptonite, not a Lantern ring)


Dark Knight Returns, Batman vs Superman


Not exactly kicking his ass but Hal Jordan is pretty screwed without his ring. From New 52 Justice League, issue 1 or 2


Final Crisis, Batman vs Darksied (who is basically equal to a god)

batman-dead-1b.jpgtl;dr Batman always wins and Flash is a dumbass.

In a way, Batman's lack of superpowers is his superpower. Well, to be fair he is a genius, and naturally highly athletic. But still, the fact that he's still just an more or less ordinary man (or at least started out as one) meant that he had to build more character and work much harder than Superman.

Superman doesn't use his abilities nearly as effectively as Batman uses his. If Batman had Supes' powers, he'd be the most dangerous being in the DC Universe.

He'd certainly easily beat the shit out of Darkseid and Doomsday.

I'm growing much more of a fondness for Superman lately but he's so over the top it's hard to love him. He's much more interesting when he is a less likable character. In Red Son where he is a communist and Earth-10 Overman is sort of a nazi or if he was just old and aging. He basically needs a flaw and then he's cool.

Flash is manic and Batman is depressive.


And Superman isn't really a man at all. At least, not emotionally or psychologically.

I can show you the world... SHINING, SHIMMERING, SPLENDID!

Superman to Batman: I CAN SHOW YOU THE WORLD!

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