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Sexy Halloween Costumes meme - Women vs Men

Sexy Halloween Costumes meme Women vs Men buzzfeed 9gag Imgur

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We'll put aside the point that Spirit Halloween posted this to 9gag.

The bigger question is: how did this holiday become so messed up?

21 Sexy Halloween Costumes that never should have been made:

messed up or one of the best holidays all year?

Those could both be true. :)

welcome to the modern day

How straight women and gay men approach Halloweeen:

Jailbird Halloween costume

Batwoman Halloween costume

Cowgirl Halloween costume

Native American Halloween costume

Navy Officer Halloween costume

Scot Halloween costume

It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A!

both of those are examples of sexual objects of men.

The other problem with being scantily clothed is that it makes you self conscious about eating all that candy.

How about Scooby Doo and Oscar the Grouch?

Sexy Scooby Doo Halloween Costume Sexy Oscar the Grouch Halloween Costume

See? How are you supposed to eat enough Scooby snacks and 420 fueled munchies wearing that? People need to stay in character!

As for Oscar, he's going down with slutty Big Bird.

Yeah, there's no way people can stay in character in those costumes.

It's all one big ruse isn't it?

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