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Kim Kardashian the Sexy Peanut!

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Kim's comment on this Leopard costume Instagram is:

Rawwwr!!! Halloween Costume shopping...

She thinks she's a leopard but I think she looks like a Peanut. :)

Seriously, though, she got 220,000 Instagram hearts for this picture?!?!

The weirdest part is, she was a Peanut, er, Leopard in 2010, too. Repeating herself already?! Or has she gone around the batting order and started over?

Kim Kardashian peanut leopard Halloween costume sexy

Kim Kardashian peanut leopard sexy Halloween costume

Gawker had the best response to this image:

Kim Kardashian is that girl who takes iPhone shots of herself wearing a push-up bra in the dressing room of a Victoria's Secret, then texts them to all her male friends and asks, "Do u like my eyeshadow in dis pic?" Here she is dressed as a sexy peanut on a leopard print background. Do u like her eyeshadow in dis pic?

Not to be outdone by this cry for attention, her mom Kris Jenner dressed up like Wonder Woman in response but had a nip slip.

Kris was embarrassed and took it down but luckily Kim's sister Khloe Kardashian came to the rescue and RE-INSTAGRAMMED IT, getting 103,000 Instagram hearts.

Khloe's Instagram comment keeps it classy: "Hi Nips, that's my mom."

Kris Jenner Wonder Woman Khloe Kardashian Halloween costume

Wonder Woman??? Isn't that a Kim Halloween Classic, along with Red Riding Hood and of course the Leopard Peanut?

Kim Kardashian Halloween Costumes Leopard Peanut Wonder Woman Red Riding Hood

What's next? Red Riding Hood? Becoming a pirate?

Kim Kardashian Red Riding Hood

Kim Kardashian Pirate Halloween Outfit

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Every Kardashian is best off when she keeps her couture elegant.

Example is this gown at the Angel Ball in NYC on October 23:

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Angel Ball NYC elegant blue dress

Or Kim in an elegant red dress...

Kim Kardashian tight red dress

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Sway Checks Out Khloe Kardashian's Ass gif

Kim Kardashian 2014...

kim kardashian hot nude top pokey tight dress 2014 Imgur

kim kardashian hot ass thong bikini 2014 Imgur

kim kardashian hot red swimsuit bikini dat gap boobs playboy 2014 twitter Imgur

kim kardashian hot pink lingerie boobs playboy 2014 Imgur

A few more:

kim kardashian hot pearls naked boobs shaved nude playboy 2014 Imgur

kim kardashian hot boobs sister's bikini tight too small selfie 2014 Imgur

kim kardashian hot ass bikini thong mexico pool wet tee shirt 2014 Imgur

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kim kardashian selena gomez hot tight dress heels Imgur

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