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2015 DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals: Know Your Robots

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Rockin' poster of all the entrants in this year's DARPA robotics challenge. Interesting how humanoid they all are in shape by now!

I'm thinking about going.  Anyone else going to be out there?  I'll probably do Sunday.

"Collect them all!"

(Team MIT looks like me in a sweater.)

I was wondering what the challenge is, so I looked it up: "The DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals is all about the course: the sequence of eight tasks that the robots are going to try to complete in 60 minutes or less."

The course looks very challenging!

DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals Rules and Course IEEE Spectrum

Here are details of all eight tasks:

Our resident robot expert Andra is live tweeting it:

So full of fail:

I'm enjoying this moment while we're still better at things than them. 

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