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Insight Data Science Fellows Program #datascience #education

An intensive seven week post-doctoral training fellowship bridging the gap between academia and data science

insight data science fellows

"As usual we had a diverse group of Insight Data Science Fellows participating from a variety of fields including computational biology, physics, and the social sciences. Every day, data teams based in Silicon Valley came to talk about the opportunities at their companies as well as share best practices.”

"Many early Insight alumni are now themselves leading data teams at their companies. In addition, there is a powerful amount of knowledge exchange that happens within the Insight network, with alumni discussing technical best practices over dinner or drinks on a regular basis."

"During the first week of the program, you are introduced to the field of data science and participate in round-table discussions with leading industry data scientists from mentoring companies, learning about the tools, techniques and best practices for doing data science while brainstorming possible data projects. By the end of the first week, with the input of the mentors and peers, you select a public data set and project topic to handle in the subsequent weeks.

Over those next 3 weeks, you work on your project, learning the necessary technologies and techniques that you need to create a data product that will showcase your skills as a data scientist. In weeks 5 through 7, you prepare for interviews while demo’ing your project to the various mentoring companies that you’re interested in interviewing with. Immediately after the end of the program, you will interview with companies that you are interested in working for. After completing all the interviews, 4-8 weeks after the end of Insight, you should have one or more job offers from top companies and be ready to start your career as a data scientist."

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