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Can a Kids' Toy Bring More Women Into Engineering? - Rebecca J. Rosen - The Atlantic

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Think this is great idea - need to give to kickstarter

Bought it, love it.

And now they've gone viral with a controversial video that led them to sue the Beastie Boys:

90% of engineers are male?!

Well, that's an eye opener.

Thanks for pointing to the Kickstarter -- already at $50k of a $150k goal:

This is so awesome:

At the center of Sterling's creation are several strategies for getting girls to build: engage them with a story, challenge them to build with a problem-solving purpose, use materials that are warm or soft to the touch (no metal) and have shapes with curved edges, and presented in colors that American girls in the year 2012 tend to be attracted to. The toy set includes the story of its heroine, "GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine" (available as a book or iOS app), five character figurines (Goldie's "friends"), and building kit that includes plastic elements and a ribbon.

The premise is that as Goldie's story unfolds, she builds different devices that help her accomplish certain tasks. Every time the "build" icon appears, girls following along have to build along with her in order for the story to continue. For example, in the book's first story, Goldie needs to build a spinning machine for her dog. "There's just this moment of excitement for a girl when they wrap this ribbon around this wheel and they pull it and it spins," Sterling says. "It's such a basic engineering principle of a wheel spinning on an axle, but it is this magical moment for every girl I have tested."

It would be uplifting to watch a girl have that aha moment!

This looks great. My daughter's in second grade and already thinks space, science and related topics are for boys. Yet, she loves to build and create things, so excited to see what she does with this.

I'm ordering one for my daughter.

4 days to go. I'm going to buy one, too.

I havent been this excited for a toy since... well... when "burgertime" came out for the 2600

Ha! I love the reference. Ok, I bought. :)

I got the toy today! I am looking forward to giving it to my niece. 

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