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Police Dogs In China Waiting For Food Are Better In Lines Than Most People

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Border patrol service dogs waiting in line to get dinner. Finland, circa 1940Border patrol service dogs waiting in line to get dinner. Finland, circa 1940

They're so disciplined! Why do these images make me sad?

They are not behaving like carefree doggies!

Yeah, but some dogs like to be disciplined right?

Yes. It is very rewarding for them to please their humans.

Some dogs thrive on being told they're good for being so disciplined!

they are pretty dang cute... looking like hungry orphans from a broadway musical!

Or something out of that Disney movie based on Oliver.

Oliver and Company:

perfect.  they already have a movie for that.  :)

I like that the Artful Dodger has Billy Joel's singing voice. 

billy joel was very cool back then!  i remember being excited about his part in that movie.

the beginning of this song has a definite river-of-dreams sound, but man that chorus and that bridge... you're killing me, smalls!

The chorus and bridge are bad?

I believe this song was recorded around the time he made Storm Front, which was several years before River of Dreams.

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