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Why easyJet is banking on VR, drones and 3D printing

Why easyJet is banking on VR drones and 3D printing


Recently, Mediasphere has been experimenting with virtual reality and the Oculus Rift. The team can take a company's CAD designs and then remodel them in Unreal's video game engine, visualising plane cabins that are both accurate and optimised for low-powered VR hardware. The hope is that such a technology can be used to accelerate the design and prototyping process. If the client can look at different seat designs in quick succession, it could be easier for them to pick out their preferred option. Furthermore, designers can retreat and quickly present new versions based on the client's feedback.

There are also plans to use VR as a way to train flight crew. Inside the hangar, the company has set up a physical mesh that aligns with their virtual model. For VR newcomers, these basic constructs -- which lets them touch and feel the tray table in front, or the ceiling above their seat -- should make it easier to navigate the plane. The idea would be to use the simulator to teach stewards about the location of onboard safety equipment. Instead of pulling a plane out of rotation and flying staff to an airport hangar, the training could be conducted in classrooms. It's not a perfect replacement, but it would help staff to familiarise themselves and speed up their learning when they finally step foot in the aircraft.

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Short answer: Because AWESOME!

Longer answer: Makes design process better and faster!

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