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I got bills I gotta pay, so I'm gonna work work work every day! ~LunchMoney Lewis

"And my shoes... Got no sole....."

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How is this not in Greg Bolcer's Essential Listening list?

This is my neighbors' new favorite song.

This song would also be great for a "we're working on it" montage.

Laughing, I'm a little behind in stashing my kids song of the week, but I've added it to my stash! Thanks!

Just bought it from itunes, so I'll play it for them on the way to the park.

You're very welcome. More singing than rapping but still very catchy and of course a good message. :)

Also the part of the video where he's waiting in line for Girl Scout Cookies makes me laugh!

"I know my rent was going to be late about a week ago" has been on their listening list though, so I'm starting to see a trend! :-)

Yes, EVERYONE is rapping and singing about making ends meet these days!

i can't imagine pitbull is having trouble making ends meet though!

Pitbull's net worth is about $50 million thanks to merchandising plus endorsements for Dr Pepper, Kodak, and Bud Light:

Maybe he leads an expensive lifestyle. 

To your point, Pitbull would much rather sing about Fun.

And Fireballs.

Mashup: I really really really really really really like bills, by Carly Rae Jepsen:

LunchMoney Lewis reminds me of Lip Biting Huell.

So the bottom line is, both kids had heard of it at the time of posting, but only the younger one liked it.  The older one didn't, so 1/2.   My younger son and I played it full blast after dropping the older one off at camp this morning.   It's only gotten better two weeks later, so I think it's got a lot of traction. 

This is the kind of song that gets stuck in your head. Darn it.

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