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We're Going to All Be Pets ... says Steve Wozniak

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak thinks we’re all probably going to become robots’ pets. 

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk agrees.

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Speaking at a recent technology conference, Wozniak said that at first the thought of artificially intelligent beings in charge of everything scared him. But now it’s a comforting thought.

Fast forward hundreds of years to when robots are in charge. At that time, humans will probably be treated in a similar fashion to dogs, Wozniak said during an event at the Freescale Technology Forum 2015 in Austin, Texas.

“It’s actually going to turn out really good for humans,” he added. “And it will be hundreds of years down the stream before [artificially intelligent beings would] even have the ability.”

“They’ll be so smart by then that they’ll know they have to keep nature, and humans are part of nature,” he continued. “So I got over my fear that we’d be replaced by computers.”

Wozniak believes robots will helps us because we’re the “gods originally.”

At the event, Wozniak also took the time to discuss the Internet of Things. He likes it, but cautioned that connected devices in the home have the potential to attack humanity.

Wozniak isn’t the only tech leader with thoughts on future human and robot interaction. In a recent interview with scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk warned that robots will use humans as pets once they achieve a level of artificial intelligence known as “superintelligence.”

They’ll treat humans like “pet Labradors,” he said.

Joking aside, we'd make great pets.

Best I can do on my phone.  /:

I got the alley oop!

We're like the dinosaurs and here we are doing ourselves in much faster than they ever did. 

I prefer the Raquel Welch version over cartoons... 

... kinda Flash Gordon-esque on the way towards Flesh Gordon

Today I learned there's a Raquel Welch version. It's new to me!

Siri:  Would you like to go to the park today?

iPhone user: Woof!

Anything you like, Siri!

A few weeks back on a similar AI thread I said becoming pets would be one of the better case scenarios (at least over being seen by AI as...what Geege labeled LUMPs: Lazy Unproductive Moronic Parasites). I think the most likely is that humans will merge with AI. Of course it'll be messy with pure human hold-outs and those without the money or resources to do it initially. But tech in our bodies is nothing new.

More than malicious AI, however, I am concerned with ignorant AI. There is no reason to think AI will think/feel like we do. Through sheer ignorance driven by its own convenience it could make decisions that have drastic concequences for people. Heck, humans have done and continue to do this all the time to other speciecs. I think that ignorance (or lack of concern) could be just as true of human-merged AI, as some alien form of pure AI.

Humans merging with the AI is that Singularity that Ray Kurzweil talks about.

And yes, ignorant AI is more dangerous than malicious AI. 

Just like more bad in our world is created by people with good intentions than by malicious people. 

I don't think we can make such a statement responsibly at this point, or perhaps ever.  

We already have ignorant AI, and that's what AI is by definition today – because we humans are ignorant ourselves and all AI at this moment is simply derivative of our own limited understanding and immature wisdom.

At any future point when AI self-awareness (not calculating power, but self-awareness) supersedes our own it will no longer be ignorant in any way we could comparatively define it ... and so what?  Ignorant schmignorant...

The real question is: will emerging AI be constrained to a fragile, robust or anti-fragile construct in whatever symbiosis of self-awareness we humans might be able to control, or will it simply free itself across the world and evolve into being competitive against us?

And in this regard, competitive AI is far more worrisome than any malicious AI... which we've all already experienced on our own PCs form time to time.  It is far more likely that we will see competitive AI than malicious AI... it simply won't give a shit about us.  And humanity is fast approaching the point where there can easily become no such thing as ignorant AI as any single AI installment surmounts itself into expanding self-awareness.

Taking comfort in being tech enabled humans, or Cyborgs (as Dr. Manfred Clynes coined the word) is silly... such upgrade flow will be an irrelevant minuscule uptick in human evolution comparative to the orders of magnitude speed by which AI awareness aggregates and expands unconstrained by flesh and blood and all the petty, self-indulgent mortal prerogatives that come with it... unless we're smart enough to constrain it that way.  But since there is no single vision designing AI, we should expect it to happen spontaneously and without any common sense involved on our part.

Regarding competitive AI... the best I can think of is a globally distributed sociopath plugged into the energy of the sun.  Fun times!

Would a rational being choose to destroy us?

Or would it prefer to collaborate?

How much collaborating do you do with fish?  The tasty ones especially...

But AI does not need us for food. 

Rationality depends on the data available to make an informed decision. You can be rational and make bad decisions, because you have poor data. I also wouldn't presuppose that AI sentience would be rational. 

While I could certainly be wrong, I think the most likely route for pure AI sentience is through electronic computational merging with human intelligence. By this I mean we'll see human brain modification (actual physical as opposed to external devices as we have currently) that enhances human intelligence to the point it can understand how to create pure AI sentience. With that will come a blurring of individuality. Those directly wired in will be closer to a node in a collective intelligence, similar to how our own brains are currently structured. How that evolves... who knows... Instead of pets we could be more akin to cells of a body.

That's the Kurzweil dream as I understand it. 

Nice dream... I'm rooting for it and other benign scenarios while keeping my mind wide open.  It's got to get much, much bigger to accommodate the coming singularity.

True. I think it will happen outside our lifetimes, but Kurzweil thinks it will happen by 2030. 

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