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There’s a Shiny New Trend in Social Media: Actual Human Editors

There s a Shiny New Trend in Social Media Actual Human Editors Re code


In the past week, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube all announced new curation features that rely on humans to sift through and select the best content from their massive collections of user posts. YouTube is using Storyful editors to verify breaking news videos in a new newsroom page, Twitter is building a project known as Lightning to curate streams of tweets around major events and Instagram is now pulling photos into themed category pages to live within the app’s search tab.

That list doesn’t include Snapchat’s Live Stories feature, which uses human curators to stitch together photos and videos into a montage around specific events like concerts and sports games. Snapchat is the veteran of the group. It has been going after live stories pretty aggressively for the past six months.

And these companies are actually hiring media pros — many of them journalists or former editors — to use their news judgement to determine which content their users should see (or not see) when it comes to following a particular story.

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The Internet just reinvented magazine editors and journalists. Woot!

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