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We’re Still Waiting For Internet Ad Spend To Catch Up to the Web

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This is very well said:

Attention doesn’t equal a good advertising opportunity. That has never been the case in the offline world, so it’s perplexing that the brightest minds in Silicon Valley would think all eyeballs are equal. Since when did an hour with a magazine get priced on the same scale as a 3 second drive-by of a billboard?

Not all attention is created equal.

Search-based advertising was half of all ad dollars, even though search is only 4% of time is spent in search:

Consider this: Search advertising is a $14.7 billion business.* It’s the largest segment of digital advertising, soaking up 47 percent of last year’s digital ad spend in the US. And yet, search only represents four percent of our time spent online, Quantcast CEO Konrad Feldman said at Federated Media’s Signal: Chicago conference.

Paid search results pay off. Matching buyers and sellers is the most simple form of advertising there is. The faster it happens, the better, actually.

Mobile advertising needs a real, Overture-style game changer:

From an ad spend perspective, mobile is not big yet. Last year the category brought in around $1.6 billion in ad revenue; this year it’s expected to be closer to $3 billion. That’s not going to come close to TV’s $70-some billion, particularly if the ad units continue to look like smaller versions of the crappy display ads everyone already knows and hates.

TV ads (sans TiVo) is worth watching because the content is pretty darn good.

Can we say the same about the internets?

Some Internet ads are good. Most are not.

The best example of internet brand as entertainment:

Matt, that is awesome.

Taco Bell and Old Spice in a Twitter cat fight is hilarious.

Too bad Twitter is going to strike down AdAge for displaying those tweets in an illegal format.

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