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Bruce Lee: "Be Water My Friend"

Be water my friend

Source: 9GAG

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Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water...

So very Lao Tsu. Love this quote. 

It sounds very nice, however, I don't think that I an empty my mind, and I'm not sure that I see value in learning.

With all due respect to those who do.

"Beginner's Mind" is a challenging concept to master.

It does seem to be a study in opposites... In Japanese, there's a concept of "shu, ha, ri." You learn something consciously, get good at it, then "forget," it--it's part of you... Learning to drive: step by step, with trepidation, then you get good at it, then before you know it, you "forget" it--you do it subconsciously--you can listen to the radio, eat and drink coffee, hold a conversation...Mastery.  Wrote this a while ago... 

About the water: I love this quote--water is flexible, fills in the cracks, forceful, calm--all those things. Great to apply to situations in life. 

Plus, over time, water can erode stone. Powerful with patience!

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