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Dry Run - The Economist on India's Biggest Maker of Towels

Dry run The Economist

The story of India’s biggest maker of towels, and their journey from cotton field to big-box store, offers lessons for other manufacturers 


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Geez, they've cornered the towel market:

The towels on display have many brand labels but all are made by Welspun. A big-box retailer or department store typically relies on a sole supplier for towels and bedding: that firm is said to “own the wall”. Welspun owns the wall at some of America’s best-known chains, including Walmart, Costco, Target and Macy’s. One in every seven towels sold in America is made either at Anjar or at Welspun’s smaller factory in Vapi, a few hours’ drive from Mumbai, India’s commercial capital. In Europe Welspun also supplies IKEA, as well as John Lewis, a posh British department-store chain.

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