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The Secret Life of Pets trailer makes me wonder why Pixar has not made this movie.

This is cute! Why didn't Pixar think of this?


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From the people who made Despicable Me. Starting Louis CK and Kevin Hart. Coming in July 2016.

this is going to be adorable!!  and it does seem like such a good idea that we wonder why our favorite animation studio didn't come up with it first... but illumination is a little edgier than pixar, so i trust it will still be really good, and funny, and maybe slightly off color.  ;)

Right! Edgier like Despicable Me. That makes sense. 

Pixar/Disney has a talking animals movie that comes out later this year, called Zootopia. 

This was my favorite.

Buddy the daschund using the mixer as a back scratch?

Or Chloe the cat attacking the refrigerator turkey?

The dachshund :)

I never thought to use a mixer like that before. Very clever!

It works for a dachshund, but I don't think I could fit under the beaters!

They should make human sized beaters!

The stills are cute, too.

Secret Life of Pets Chloe cat turkey meme imgur

Secret Life of Pets Max and Gidget dog Louis ck meme imgur

Meet Max & Gidget From THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS We Are Movie Geeks

Meet Max & Gidget From THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS We Are Movie Geeks

Secret Life of Pets Buddy wiener dog mixer meme imgur

it looks great!  i love the male poodle in the pink collar rocking out to death metal!!

Yes, that's worth watching again.

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