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world's cutest frog — the desert rain frog

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Would make the best ring tone!


sounds exactly like a squeaky toy!!!

To me it sounds like a kitten. Or a cheep.

Also today I learned the Desert Rain Frog has no tadpole stage! Breeding is by direct development of eggs laid in its burrow.


Did you know this subreddit exists?

More Reddit comments:

Im putting the Dubstep video below on this page.

it does sound like a kitten!  well, crossed with a balloon.

Now I'm imagining what a cat crossed with a balloon sounds like.

I saw the video of this little guy and I had to draw it, it was so cute

hahaha!  you're so good at finding supplementary info!

watch out, adam, geege is getting your game!

I think that's a good thing!

How small are these little frogs??

desert rain frog in hand meme imgur

Desert Rain Frog Dubstep:

Reddit comments:

Geege will enjoy the top comment. 

omg i wish that whole thing were my ringtone!!!  :)

I thought you might. :)

this is seriously my new favorite 40-second video!

That's wonderful. 

Isn't it amazing when we find something that makes us see the original thing in a new way?

yes!  now how do i make it my ring tone??

I googled YouTube ringtone maker:

Someone did a mashup of Taylor Swift and a Desert Rain Frog?!

No Reddit comments. :(

Emily how did you discover these majestic creatures?

cute desert moon frogs pic imgur tumblr They're like chicken nuggets but frogs.

i found the youtube video on my facebook feed and i had to stash it here!!!

they are so stinkin cute!!!!  and i love all the adaptations they've had to make to exist in the desert, like no aquatic stage.  thank you for finding that info.  amazing!

You're very welcome. That's what PandaWhale is for: to share fun things we find on Facebook.

And Twitter. And the Web.

And yes, their adaptations are amazing.

Life finds a way, doesn't it?

it's so amazing... life does indeed find a way.

Once more, with feeling!

Life Finds a Way. ~Jeff Goldblum gif - PandaWhale

life, uh, finds a way!

The UH in the middle makes it extra memorable. :)

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