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A very happy baby orca J50 breaches the surface...

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That baby Orca really does look happy!

Orca midwifery!!

“J50 stole the show, and hearts, with more than 60 breaches as she and her family moved south in Haro Strait,” said Clint Rivers, a naturalist and photographer. “It’s like she just figured out how this breaching thing works and couldn’t stop. She was still breaching well into the evening.”

J50 was born about two weeks after J-Pod lost a female member while she was giving birth. That dropped the population to 77 whales. However, researchers believe that two members of the pod actually mid-wifed the birth of J50, pulling the baby out of its mother. The teeth marks can still be seen on J50’s back.

“Maybe all this exuberance somehow has something to do with that, this miracle birth,” said Harris. “Who knows? Maybe the other members of her family realize how precious she is, and how close she came to never making it into this world. Perhaps with all of this love surrounding her, this baby orca is just bursting with happiness. There’s no doubt that J50 feels safe and well-cared for, like all of these babies are. We have some amazing families out there.” 

I didn't realize killer whale midwifery is a thing. She really does sound like a miracle baby. 

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