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56 Victorian Slang Terms We Should Bring Back

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Lol at "even of the other sex".

9. Bricky 

Brave or fearless. “Adroit after the manner of a brick," Forrester writes, "said even of the other sex, 'What a bricky girl she is.'” 

(She's a bricky house.  She's mighty mighty.)

First hit on google:

Is that the actual Commodores or just actors?

From Soultrain:

commodores brick house meme imgur

Okay, so more like this:

shucka now shucka now now.

They just don't write em like that anymore. 

Any other words you like in the article?

Was sure #1 had a different meaning.

1. Afternoonified

A society word meaning “smart.” Forrester demonstrates the usage: "The goods are not 'afternoonified' enough for me.”

Already had an opportunity to use this!

2. Arfarfan'arf

A figure of speech used to describe drunken men. “He’s very arf’arf’an’arf," Forrester writes, "meaning he has had many ‘arfs,’” or half-pints of booze.

Lol at many arfs!

And yeah afternoonified does not mean what I think!

bom chicka wah wah

City of Victoria knows how to party!

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