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How you can use technology to make you happier?

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Leverage it to connect with people in real life. Do not let it replace face to face.

Exactly. I hate when people say I spend too much time online. I use my time online to setup meetups, introduce people and make new friends that I meet offline.

Amy, you're doing it right!! :)

I had no idea more iPhones are sold than babies born every day.

That's both awesome and awful.

Sometimes guilty...I try to do my stuff as early as possible before people are awake so I don't miss quality time, but I've now allowed myself to take a laptop to the den for family tv time when we're watching the seventh rendition of the same Pawn Stars or something...might as well bang out some work.

Dawn, you're doing it right. :)

Just wrote a business idea based on this post!

"Make it happen, Internet!"

Chris, I like it: "Hangout Helper will be a smartphone app that allows you to set up connections with your closest friends (a la Path). Both you and your friends will need to install the app, and these connections will be approved on both sides."

Glad you like the idea! Now who do we find to build it?

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