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Uptown Funk Sung by the Movies Mashup

Source: YouTube Video

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Hot damn! Don't believe me, just watch!

There are 280 movies in this mashup?! Holy smokes.

Reminds me of this Shut Up and Dance mashup:

how do they make these??

Slowly and carefully using one of the movie making software programs. 

If you’re wondering why this video is only coming out now, months after the song hit No. 1, you obviously haven’t watched it yet. Mashup master dondrapersayswhat took three months to make this video, and it shows. Each of the more than 280 clips used is carefully selected, from the “too hot” (Spaceballs) to the “hot damn” (Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder) to the ones used for the dance interludes (Napoleon Dynamite, Morris Day in Purple Rain, and even the truly incredible dance-off from Mac & Me).

Supercutters have been putting together these “as sung by the movies” videos for more than three years now, but they’ve rarely been this good. Turn on closed captioning to see each title listed at the bottom of the screen, but the movies are iconic enough that you probably won’t need it.


Here's another variation on this theme:

For the lazy:

Bis Footloose Rocky III Sister Act 2 Kickboxer Les Compères Love Actually Napoléon Dynamite Risky Business Mr. Bean’s Holiday The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear A Night at the Roxbury Despicable Me Bruce Almighty Tropic Thunder Saturday Night Fever Back to the Future Part III The king of new york La cité de la peur 13 Going on 30 Shaun of the dead Sister Act 2 Starsky & Hutch Big The Blues Brothers Aladdin West side story Hitch Sister Act 2 Zoolander Airplane Singin' in the Rain American Wedding Kung Fu Hustle Slumdog millionaire School Of Rock The Gold Rush Camping Spiderman 3 Babysitting You Don't Mess with the Zohan Magic mike Scary movie 5 The Wolf of Wall Street Pulp Fiction Spy Hard A Night at the Roxbury The Nutty Professor Beetlejuice The full monty Burn after reading American pie Reservoir dogs What Women Want Shrek Flashdance Top Secret! Ted Didier Road trip Astérix et Obélix: Mission Cleopatre Rabbi Jacob Mary Poppins Dirty Dancing Cool Runnings Boat Trip Grease Staying alive Face/Off Charlie's Angel Spy Hard Dirty Dancing The Hangover OSS 117 : Le Caire, nid d'espions Dirty Dancing Footloose The Lion King The full monty Rush Hour American pie Napoléon Dynamite Intouchables Sister Act 1 Man on the moon Les trois frères Mrs. Doubtfire Little miss sunshine The Goonies Forrest gump Mary Poppins Brice de nice The 40 Year-Old Virgin Scary movie 5 The Breakfast Club Borat Wreck-It Ralph Billy Elliot Signs Mafia! Shrek Risky Business Road Trip Grease Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi The Mask The Artist Happiness Therapy 500 Days of Summer Austin Powers Footloose Old School 500 Days of Summer The Mask Beauty and the Beast Mamma mia ! Fame Hitch Footloose Step up Madagascar Hairspray Grease A Night at the Roxbury 500 Days of Summer The Mask Beauty and the Beast Mamma mia ! Fame Hitch Footloose Step up (Sexy dance) Madagascar Hairspray Grease A Night at the Roxbury

Daft dancer!