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Awkward Kid Staring at Camera Vine Cat combined gif

nervous black boy cat combined gif imgur wtf dafuq awkward kid staring at camera vine dafuq plotting kitty shifty eyes fat kid Terio in Popeyes ooh kill him

Thank you The_Love_Child for making this gif:

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Fat Kid Terio in Popeyes ooh kill him vine:

pikachu ash eyes awkward silence gif imgur

We're missing some awkward looking dogs!

nervous awkward dog gif imgur wtf dafuq what the f

nervous awkward dog gif imgur wtf dafuq what the f

Good ones! I had no idea you like dogs too.

I like all kind of animals, even humans!

And robots! You like hitchbot. 

Well it's different kind of like with robots. I appreciate them as the creation of a fellow earthling.

One day, the robots will create robots. Although I guess even then the creators will be earthlings.

And the day will come when a robot will create a robot better than itself, giving him the ability to do the same.

And at that point... things will escalate quickly!

robot gun gif imgur dalek danger

Yes that could go very bad very fast. But hopefully it goes very good instead!

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