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Best WTF gif ever

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Caption: "Reddit's reaction to the announcement that Facebook is buying out Oculus Rift":

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James Franco interviewing Eminem in The Interview:

workaholics adam devine fuck me gif Imgur

What's the main idea among reddit? That it is weird, or that FB is gonna ruin it?

You mean, what is Reddit useful for?

It is the best place to create a long-standing pseudonymous identity around any topic of interest, and talk with other pseudonymous people.

Facebook cares about real identities. On Reddit, pseudonyms are the norm.

Mmm nope, I've been there around 2 years, I understood what's reddit. : )

My question was, what's the main opinion among redditors about the Occulus Rift being bought by Facebook:

1 - wtf are they gonna do? it's weird

2 - they are gonna ruin its potential


Most Redditors have never heard of Oculus Rift...

gandalf oculus rift gif Imgur

...but the ones that have are split about 50/50 between excited and "they're gonna ruin it":

Okay ^^, this Gandalf is so useful!

OAG Overly Attached Girlfriend WTF gif What dafuq imgur


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