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Oddly Satisfying Beach Rocks Organized Neatly

oddly satisfying Beach Rocks organized neatly meme pic Imgur

1.6 million views on Imgur?!

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Thank you, Reddit, for teaching me Andy Goldsworthy.


Andy Goldsworthy - Album on Imgur

Andy Goldsworthy - Album on Imgur

Andy Goldsworthy - Album on Imgur

ooh, so lovely!  i like to do things like this on a much smaller scale... like 6 rocks in rainbow order.  :)

these are all by andy goldsworthy, an artist who makes this his work.  he's british, and he just steps out each day and makes beautiful art with nature, photographs it, and lets it go.  and he makes money doing this!!!  there is a great documentary about him called rivers and tides.

Thank you for this documentary! What a wonderful outlook on life. 

makes me think we really can do anything we want.  just follow our hearts!

It is definitely inspiring, but also, he is quite talented. 

good point.  ;)

Talent + Practice + Follow Your Heart = Do Anything We Want

there it is.  :)

The math checks out.

Jurassic Park Jeff Goldblum Ian Malcolm well there it is gif - PandaWhale

that's exactly what i had in mind!  ;)

Life, uh, finds a way, Emily. ;)

Original pic, 16x9 wallpaper version:

oddly satisfying Beach Rocks organized neatly wallpaper Imgur

A little less satisfying. But still satisfying. 

Yes, this is oddly, extremely satisfying. I'm not sure I'd want it as my wallpaper, but it's very enjoyable to look at!

I know, I have difficulty looking away. It's so strangely soothing!


You like dat? :)

what thumbnail??

When it was on the front page, the thumbnail for this page was PERFECT. 

oh. niiiice.  :)

It was! Perhaps one day you will see it below in "you may also like"...

Yes! Yay for perfect thumbnails. :)

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