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What is dark matter and dark energy? by Kurzgesagt

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1. Something is out there.

2. It interacts with gravity.

3. There is a lot of it.

Video makers have their own subreddit now,

Very nice video, thanks Adam!

I have notice only one approximation that could be a mistake:

"[dark energy] is stronger that anything else we know" at 3:52

This is untrue and he said why himself before: inside galaxies, gravity dominates over "dark energy", that's why stars don't go away from each other.

There's also electromagnetic interaction that holds electrons to nuclei, and inside nuclei, strong and weak interactions that hold the stuff inside together. So these 3 interactions are also stronger than dark energy at the scales where they dominate.

And thanks Higgs for that! otherwise we would probably not be there to talk about it!