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The only thing between me and my life goals...

only thing between me and my life goals is the Internet meme rage lol funny comic tumblr imgur

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Wonka come with me gif

Wonka and you'll be gif

Wonka in a world of pure procrastination gif Imgur

Charlie and the karma factory - Imgur

Charlie and the karma factory - Imgur

Charlie and the karma factory - Imgur

It's a hole that you can't climb back out of!

Yes. Yes it is. Problem?

It is apt that I am looking at this while at a remote village in Taiwan, on a really bad edge network connection on my iphone which is low on battery and all the while the aim or rather the loosing battle I am trying super hard to win is to disconnect and decompress...

Then NOTHING will stand between you and your life goals! You'll be unstoppable!!

Ha.. I wish. (-:

Watch out for the Internet...

Untangled - me, life, and the Internet gif

*gasp* ye olde internet

the internet loves you. you love the internet. gif

Bart Simpson you should not waste time in the Internet

internet waste time gif

Junior Senior squirrel gif - Can't stop the beat. - random Imgur

life goals get viral on Imgur bucket list meme

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