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Possums eating bananas like Costco members nomming hot pocket samples gif

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Imgur comments are hilarious, talking about Hot Opposums. :)


They look like Muppets.  :)

They do! Much cuter than I remember them being!

hahahahahaha!!!  i love this one!  they are RIDICULOUS!!  how could it take so long to chew a banana!?!

I was wondering that too. :)

Really cute!! An interesting fact is that they are immune to all kinds of snake venom (they eat snakes too, they eat almost anything that moves! )

Like a mongoose?!   I find them in my yard occasionally but I had no idea they were so awesome!

As possums mature, the acquire many more teeth for chewing:


So the possums in the gif and video are just babies? Cute!

Milind I did not realize possums are immune to snake venom. And that they eat snakes!

opossum makes it sound like he's Irish meme imgur Jesse pinkman Aaron Paul

Jesse Pinkman is right!

Wait, was this in Breaking Bad?


Wow! I need to go back and watch that. Or find it on YouTube. 

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