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10 famous people you may not know had an aneurysm

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I thought I had a good list, but I missed almost all of these.

They're still not sure if Bret Michaels had an aneurysm.

Bret Michaels (2010) Had a subarachnoid haemorrhage from a suspected aneurysm during filming of Celebrity Apprentice USA. He went on to win.

Seriously, I had no idea any of these people had had aneurysms.

  1. Albert Einstein (1955).  Died of an abdominal aortic aneurysm. See, you can be a genius and have an aneurysm. I could have told you that.
  2. Quincy Jones (1974) Suffered a burst brain aneurysm and survived.
  3. Bill Berry (1995) The irony of Bill Berry collapsing onstage with R.E.M due to a berry aneurysm is probably not lost on him.
  4. Sharon Stone (2001) Didn’t die of a cerebral aneurysm. See,  you can be a red hot mama and have an aneurysm. I could have also told you that.
  5. Laura Branigan (2004) Died in her sleep of a cerebral aneurysm. The 80s have not been the same since.
  6. Neil Young (2005) Had an unruptured aneurysm that was repaired, but started hemorrhaging from his femoral artery a few days later (the artery they had used to access the aneurysm via endovascular surgery). Nice fuck up, there. He is still alive.

Also interesting that four of the six people above survived their aneurysms.

Melbourne Mum has writeups of several of these stories on her site.

More on Sharon Stone:

Scary stuff. Kinda wish I hadn't read that one!

Is it less scary to realize that many of these celebrities survived their aneurysms?

Yes, that's something to keep in mind.

What strikes me is how random aneurysms are. These celebrities have very little in common.

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