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Qizai, the Rare Brown Panda Bear

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qizai brown panda bear imgur (Image:

Tencent user joked and said: “It is supposed to be a black-white one, but his mother ran out of ink when giving birth.”

Whatever the case, he is still a really cute panda bear.

Yes he's adorable! And that's a funny joke.

Black and white = piebald

Brown and white = skewbald 

Yes, although none of those kittens are brown!

But bith mamas ran out of ink!

...a theme we find surprisingly often on Pinterest:

needs more ink

Qizai is now 5 years old!

When Qizai was first discovered by researchers in the Qinling Mountains in China, he was only a 2-month old baby, he was weak and alone. It seems that his mother had left him and had returned back into the forest, according to Tencent News.

Qizai brown panda was taken care of  in the rescue and research center of Shanxi province. (Image:

Qizai was taken care of in the Rescue and Research Center of Shaanxi Province.

Qizai was then taken to the Research and Rescue Center For Rare Animals in Shaanxi Province. In the center, Qizai received much needed medical treatment, and was fed with milk that had been collected from other pandas in the center. Five years has passed, and Qizai has now grown up into a big boy with his eye-catching looks. The photos of Qizai were taken by Katherine Von, who is an American veterinarian who volunteers in China.

They milk pandas?!?!

Yes they milk pandas for occasions such as this!

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