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How I Hire: My Guiding Principles, by Apple Retail VP Angela Ahrendts

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My favorite part is ME vs. WE:

I want to gain insight into how they see themselves in the world.

How big is their ego and what role does it play in their everyday life? 

Do they focus their energy on being an individual contributor, or on connecting and enabling a wider group? 

Do they care more about their own success or about the greater good of the whole? 

I ask simple questions about their family, friends, peers, personal interests, sports, spirituality, and community to glean a better understanding of their true motivation and leadership attributes. This is usually the easy part, because people love to talk about themselves.

I often can’t help myself at this part of the interview and am known to slide in a favorite quote or two that sum up my leadership philosophies. I love to see how they respond to these:

A great coach used to say, “When ordinary people connect, extraordinary things can happen.”

One of my favorite quotes is from management expert Gary Hamel, who was once asked, “How will you know if you are a great leader?” He replied, “Turn around and see if anyone is following you.”

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