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Angela Ahrendts: the woman aiming to make Apple a luxury brand

"Confirmed last week as the tech giant’s highest-paid executive, the ex Burberry chief is charged with making the Apple ‘experience’ even sleeker. It might also mean larger"


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This is worth reading just for the Comments, alone!

Any comment stand out in particular, Marlene?

Uh... you first, Adam ;)

"There’s something of the cult leader about her. She never let you see a moment of doubt or even questioning"

Stacy, good one. I like this one:

I thought it already was a luxury brand but I suppose that just shows how much of a pleb I am.

Yes, Adam. Ditto for me! 

Charlotte wrote:

Not sure if I agree with this quote "If you can’t control everything, you can’t control anything.”

I don't agree with that quote, too.

We can certainly control SOMETHING. Just not everything.

"I don't buy apple products for their "lifestyle" I buy them because they work with a lot less problems than a PC. I wonder if she really knows apples users as well as she knows the companies history." 

I guess we're going to find out. As far as I know Apple products work as well as they ever did.

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