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How to Age Gracefully

From CBC Radio WireTap:

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"Just do your own thing, that's the way I see it."

Nobody knows what the hell they're doing.

That's really 93 years of life boiled down into a single sentence.

definitely the best thing said!!  love. <3

We can learn a lot from a 93 year old. :)

indeed. :)

We can learn a lot from people at every age. :)

true!  grandpa says joone teaches him something everyday.

Grandpa is wise. And so is Joone!

"But goddamn if that apple pie anecdote didn't make me choke up."


His point was to eat the sugar while you can because you're gonna need dentures anyway?

Or his point was that he misses his late wife?

He appreciated his wife for the little things.  <sniff sniff>

I guess appreciation is a lesson people at every age understand. 

so sweet!

Great idea and the video stands up to multiple watches!

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