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10 Nordic Principles for a Hyperconnected Planet

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This manifesto is an interesting thought exercise about our increasingly interconnected world.

Planet Earth is becoming hyperconnected. This transformation is called the Internet of Things, Connected Devices, Programmable World, and many other names. As a result, we are at a major crossroads. What are the conditions under which this change becomes the guiding development of our time? How can we support positive change and use technology to create a better world?

Demos Helsinki has identified 10 principles to guide development towards a hyperconnected, sustainable planet. Our claim is that if these principles are not followed, our hyperconnected planet will have a more dystopian than utopian future.

We’re using the principles to construct an index for comparing nations, cities, and companies, and providing them with recommendations about how to do this correctly.

I. The Parity principle

In order for hyperconnectedness to be a truly significant development, it has to play its part in solving the grand challenges of our times – It must solve bigger problems than it causes.


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Humanity is moving towards Superorganism status and that will only continue with the increase in connectivity between individuals that will allow us to interface with one another the same way computers do. Except the connections will be more seamless. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, an organism is a lot more harmonious than a group of animals and its impact on the planet would work in such a way that does not harm other parts of the organism. As opposed to right now where you could care less what how other people are living all over the world or even just down the street. You care most about those that are related to you. Soon we’re all gonna be related on some level.

"Privacy is a human right. People should have control over and access to the data they produce. ... No one can predict who will have the access and control in the future. Data about you is a leverage point for predicting and influencing your future actions. It is power over you."

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