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How is Google's new logo just 305 bytes?


The old logo of Google is 14,000 bytes.The old logo uses a complicated serif font which can only be created using bezier curves. All together, it has 100 anchor points, resulting in a 6 KB (6,380  bytes) file. When compressed, the size comes down to 2 KB (2,145 bytes).


A simplified version of the new logo, on the other hand, can be constructed almost entirely from circles and rectangles (with the exception of the lower-case g):


The entire logo consists of:

  • 10 circles (2 each for the capital G and lower case g, 2 for each O, and 2 for the e)
  • 5 rectangles (2 for the capital G, 1 for the lower case l, 2 for the e)
  • 1  shape made with 7 anchor points  (the descender on the lower-case g)

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Shrinking the file from 14,000 bytes to 305 bytes was brilliant. 

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