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Q: How many cows does it take to build a Zeppelin? A: 250,000.

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Wow! Really?

The fibers of cow intestines fuse together with water!  Just water!  

Here's the video:

Whoa. I had no idea. They can't come up with a better synthetic material?

They certainly can.

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to Airship Ventures, the company that operates the Zeppelin NT Eureka. It's a helium-filled zeppelin whose rigid outer structure is made with the same material that NASA uses for its space suits. It has three engines, is exceptionally quiet, and can land anywhere that there's a big enough circle cleared. Companies and individuals can rent it for special events or just book a ride on one of its regular cruises throughout California.

There are many more varieties of airship than I imagined!  Check them out here:

You're right, that's fascinating. And useful for future human homes like the moon and Mars, I'd imagine.

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