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The Inevitabilities of Killer Robots, by Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

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Nothing is inevitable.

The relentless drumbeat of the “inevitability” of killer robots is meant to have a deadening effect on people who do not support the idea of allowing machines to kill humans on their own and who are willing to act to stop them. The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots rejects the notion that autonomous killing machines are inevitable. What would make them so would be if the people in all walks of life who believe that unleashing autonomous weapons systems is wrong did nothing in the face of that threat.

What is inevitable if killer robots make their way to the battlefields of the world is the creation of military necessity where none yet exists. No military has yet fielded such weapons so the argument that it is necessary for any military to have them is specious at best. The real “need” is continued global military superiority and dominance.

The research and development of autonomous weapons systems is also fueled by the billions of dollars of contracts thrown at the military weapons industries, which in turn push for more and more money to continue to “innovate” in the military technology field. If killer robots are fielded, military necessity will have been created along with a new arms race spawned by this latest deadly revolution in weaponry.

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