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The stunning — and expanding — gap in life expectancy between the rich and the poor

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Average life expectancy is going up, but almost all for the well-to-do. Among other things, this means that Social Security -- which already pays more for those who earned more -- is even less equitable than it seems.

Good point about social security.

So rich people don't just enjoy better quality of life. They also enjoy better quantity of life.

Hey Joyce, how can the average life expectancy be going up if 1/3 of population (i.e. the poor) are declining in life expectancy and the other 2/3rds of the population are roughly static.  

Seems the rich represent only 1% of our population here, and if so they can't be having much if any effect on the average. Makes no sense.

It might make some sense to say the median age and upper bounded sampled data of life expectancy across the USA have increased though...

This study divided the population into fifths, not the 99% vs 1% trope.

Ok that's fine.  I was misled by the title citing the prosaic rich and the poor as categorical weightings as opposed to real number quintiles.

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