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Me and My Jetta: How VW Broke My Heart

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What sorcery is this, NYTimes?  My comments are invisible!

Looks like they're stuck inside some kind of "alt" tag that makes them invisible.

Thanks, NYTimes. What was the gist of the comment you were making?

Federal regulators were willing fools and the EPA really doesn't have any recourse, because cars aren't fixed (stationary).

Okay that's terrible. I wonder how much this damaged VW's brand cred. 

VW's diesel brand is deeply dented but I think the overall brand was is keyed.  Except for investors.

Did you read the NYT's description of the vicious Wolfsburg corporate culture?  It's in such contrast to VW's caring image that it's gotta change.

Yes, it seems like enough people see VW for what it is: a culture that rewards cheating.

They're going to have to genuinely change to repair the brand's reputation. 

Thanks, awesome!

I think so too! Now VW has to do the right thing or no one will trust them. 

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