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How to network: 5 methods by top experts, by Eric Barker

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Networking makes you more likely to get a job and be successful in a job.

Eric's article is a great summary. Here's the five takeaways:

1. Listen to the best on how to network.

2. Your "superconnector" relationships can make a big difference, so invest in them.

3. Start an "interesting people fund" to invest in other worthwhile relationships.

4. Do a "five minute favor" every day.

5. Just be a friend.

LOTS of details in the whole article worth reading:

Looks like number 1 came directly from me. Sweet:

Fortune Magazine called Adam Rifkin the most networked guy in Silicon Valley. 

He has a few things anyone can do to be a better networker:

1. Do something every single day. Make it a habit. The more of it you do, the better you can get at it. Every day is an opportunity to get better, but do not try to do too much at once. Take the longview, and connect with at least one person professionally every day. Could be following up with someone you already know; could be asking for an introduction from a mutual connection.

2. Once in a while, think of two people who should know each other but don’t, and introduce them. Follow through with them later to learn from whether that introduction was worthwhile, so you can get better at making introductions. Practice!

3. Imagine you got laid off today. Who are the 5-10 people you’d write to for advice? Make sure to invest in those relationships regularly, not just when you have an urgent need.

4. Look at the 5-10 people you’ve spent the most time with in the last 3 months. Are you happy with the way they’re influencing you? If so, find another person who belongs in that group and invest in that relationship. (If not, change the way you’re spending your time! How you spend your time determines so much in your life.)

If you'd like to learn more, I recommend Adam Grant's book, "Give and Take":

Of the five methods, my favorite (of course!) is number 4:

Top Wharton professor Adam Grant, author of Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success, offers a piece of advice on how to network from none other than the above-mentioned Adam Rifkin. It’s The Five Minute Favor:

One of my personal favorites is probably Adam Rifkin’s idea of the “Five-Minute Favor” (if you can do something for someone that will take less than five minutes, just do it.) A lot of people look at the idea of helping others and say, “Gosh, that’s going to be time consuming, or exhausting, or put me at risk of being exploited.” I think that Adam’s idea enables us to a sense of, “What if I just took a couple minutes every day to try to help someone in a way that a small commitment to me, but could be of large benefit to them?”

Definitely worth reading the whole article:

Lately I have been engaging people or sending them something, based on seeing that they liked or expressed interest in something.  Obviously the key to positive effect is if it's not completely unsolicited as in unwanted (as opposed to unexpected, which usually works out well).  As long as you disclaim/explain!

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