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Corporate America is not on a path to gender equality.

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New McKinsey - report details what many have long suspected: gender equality in the workplace is a matter of lip service more than sustained investment. Sheryl Sandberg's quote: "At the current pace... we are more than 100 years away from gender equality in the C-suite".

This is a fixable problem in any company IF the company's Board demands change.

Boards are to blame for the problem persisting.

There is no political will. That is the tragedy :-( :-( 

Every company is different. Some companies do care enough to do it:

I would have to demur here Milind. If you have the stomach for it, read this essay AND THE COMMENTS:

Let's think about the situation: here is a commentary published on the leading business network by a highly-esteemed business school professor on a landmark study of 30,000 people. Part of the case is that men are holding back progress because they are either stupid or blind or both. And yet, dozens of men -- who from their LinkedIn profiles are old enough and well-educated enough to know better -- literally could not stop themselves from spewing out all kinds of unscientific misogynistic bullshit IN FRONT OF THEIR OWN POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS, COLLEAGUES, AND BOSSES. They couldn't even just shut up and say nothing in a professional context... it was just too hard to keep their noxious and undereducated opinions to themselves. And evidently none of these men have any fear that their words will come back to bite them in any real way.

I told Adam Grant that these commenters were literally making his case for him. I don't think the will is missing at the top. I think there is a snake pit of hate in the middle.

Thanks for that link. You're right. I had no idea the hate runs so deep. 

That said, we should celebrate the few companies that walk the walk. At PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the Chief Diversity Officer is a rotating role that is considered a training post for high-promise partners and reports directly to the Chairperson. Note how respectful and inclusive the comments on this post are. THAT is what happens when the white guy in power sets the tone firmly.