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The Beginner’s Asian Pantry

The Beginner s Asian Pantry Lucky Peach


This comes from our first cookbook, 101 Easy Asian Recipes, out October 27.

Look, we know the Internet is out there. And on it you can find almost anything, from pictures of dogs on surfboards to multilayered analyses of whether or not Thomas Pynchon predicted parallel universes decades before the Hadron Supercollider gave scientists reason to think they might exist. But the pull of Gravity’s Rainbow aside, what we wanted to do here was give you a simple visual and factual orientation to what we cooked with as we made this book, so you know what you’re looking for as you paw through the aisles of a foreign supermarket and/or the murky depths of third-party seller pages on

We divided our pantry into basic, intermediate, and champion levels because (a) it would have been really hard to get everything in one shot and (b) these levels reflect the necessity of the ingredients.

Stashed in: Good Eats!, Home Sweet Home!, Ramen!

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I love the concept of a "champion level" in pantries. 

Not a single Korean ingredient or even brand? :( Thanks David Chang!

He does link to a recipe for roy sauce kimchi on the page:

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