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9 Easy DIY Spice Blends

9 easy DIY spice blends infographic women's health imgur

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Never put salt in seasoning blends. Add salt by itself, always to taste.

It's too important of a variable. You need total control.

That is a good point, Adam.  I see people all too often putting salt on things at places they have never been before out of habit.  most of the time the item is already quite salty and adding more is just ruining the body's sodium balance but even worse, ruining palate of the dish!  I don't put salts in my foods directly unless I have made it before and know to put it in, then I try to err on low sodium.  there is however a thing to be said for adding salt while cooking to adjust the texture, adding salt after doesn't let it mix in the solute  so the flavor, however well you mix in the salt afterward, is not going to be consistent and will be grainier.

That's a good point but I'd be careful to err on the side of less.

Because you can add more salt later but you cannot add less salt later. 

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