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How the Most Promising Hoverboards Actually Work

How the Most Promising Hoverboards Actually Work WIRED


In case you haven’t been paying attention, there are three different working hoverboards that actually exist. Here is a review of the physics of these three different boards.

Omni Hoverboard  - or the Omni hoverboard, this upward force is from the air. Hendo Hoverboard - The Hendo engine uses electromagnets that produce changing magnetic fields to interact with a conducting surface. 

Lexus Hoverboard - Instead of changing magnetic fields from an electromagnet, the Lexus hoverboard uses superconductors. 

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But are they safe? They don't seem safe. 

In any case Back to the Future was right. Hover boards do look like fun!

(David Brin originally shared:


Reminder... everyone wear a DOUBLE TIE on Wednesday, in honor of Back to the Future Day!Spread it!  If they balk, tell everyone David Brin said so! ;-)  Yeah, that'll do it.)

Double ties it is.

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