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GOP wants political control over science funding

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Funny how when it comes to understanding the science behind global warming, many Congresspeople feel comfortable asserting that they are not scientists... but when it comes to the process by which they will or won't FUND research, they are even more comfortable saying they are way more able to decide on research "in the national interest" than actual scientists. Just because they managed to cherry-pick 10 unfortunately-titled studied from almost 50,000 and hold them up for public ridicule -- almost certainly at higher cost to the taxpayer than just funding them -- doesn't mean politicians should decide how to fund science. Remember that CRISPR-Cas9 was deemed "the least commercial research I've ever done" by its primary investigator in the early stages, and that one of these studies (the one about bicycles) turns out to be very relevant to self-driving cars.

I guess this is the same motivation Ted a Cruz had in taking control of NASA's funding.


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