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"Tsundoku," the Japanese Word for the New Books That Pile Up on Our Shelves, Should Enter the English Language

Tsundoku the Japanese Word for the New Books That Pile Up on Our Shelves Should Enter the English Language Open Culture


The illustration above was made when Redditor Wemedge asked his daughter to illustrate the word “Tsundoku,” and she did not disappoint.

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Everyone at some point converts from an avid reader to a collector.  Whether it's book, videos, games, startup companies, whatever.  Tsundoku is for people who don't have time for hobbies.

Is there a way to undo collecting? I need to find a place that will help me sell all this stuff!

Okay, now where do I sell used collectibles like Simpsons toys, South Park toys, etc.? :)

Depends on how they were used.

But srsly, eBay.

My problem with eBay is: Ain't nobody got time for that. 

What I need is a company that will eBay for me. 

@Adam I've had some luck selling things on Amazon.  They make it really easy and it was much faster than Craigslist plus I think people are willing to pay more.  They do take a pretty penny for the convenience though.

Thanks for the perspective Edward. I will look into Amazon. 

Guilty!  but I haven't bought a new book in a couple years so I can work through my pile! and I'm still a real book person, tried one of the first electronic books and didn't like it, I'll try again  at some point ;)

You're lucky you have just one pile. 

i just turned a wall into a giant bookshelf to hold my many piles of unread (and supposedly marvelous) reads!  i do hope i get to them all...

Just curious how long you think it would take to get to them all.

that's a good question!  if i didn't buy another book and just read from my tsundoku, it would probably take me two years.  but i haven't read ANYTHING for a long while.  i would have to go back to my book-a-week routine to make that happen. 

The feeling of being two years behind is not a good feeling. 

On the other hand the feeling of anticipation of a good read IS a good feeling. 

Adam Rifkin