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Don't think you're superior to me because you're not on Facebook.

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"If a column is not retweeted does it even exist?"

probably safe to think though, yes?  unless you are a brand on facebook?

The more we study it the more we realize people are happier off Facebook.

Yet we have this stupid anxiety because we cannot admit that social media is not the binary opposite of real life. It is real life. This is why studies such as the latest one from Denmarksomehow just perpetuate this smugness. Half the participants were given access to Facebook, the other half went cold turkey for a week. Those who had a break felt “55% less stressed”. Comparing ourselves with our peers causes unhappiness, you see. May I just add here that the Danes, though materially well off, have high rates of depression.

The study showed those who quit Facebook felt less lonely and more connected to real people.

Some articles make you think, "this is a terrible article."  This article made me think, "this is a terrible journalist." 

Three Pipe, agreed. This material in the hands of a better journalist might have been inspiring. 

And Jared, yes of course articles exist outside social media. Retweets aren't reads. 

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