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This YouTube channel is a 91 year old woman cooking meals from the great depression. Here she cooks Depression Breakfast.

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My Great Grandmother cooked depression meals for me one day and told me stories from that period of time. I never knew that California charged $50.00 to enter the State from those fleeing the dust bowl and that people lined up on the sides of the road to attack them with bats, planks, and threw stones at them. Food was pretty horrible and was unhealthy.

I think we are fast losing an opportunity to learn more about how people got by on very little during the depression era. In contrast our lives today would seem so cluttered with unnecessary things and also really wasteful on things we need not spend money on. My best friend's mother grew up in the 30s as a young child but the impression it left on her continues today in the life lessons she teaches her children. Live frugally, save, and help others best you can.

Sugar cookies? I thought sugar was expensive as heck back then.

Yeah, I was surprised by the sugar cookies too. 

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