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4 secrets to reading body language like an expert:

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Don't scratch your head. I know what that means.

So many rules to remember!

The one I'm going to practice is not being biased:

If you already like or dislike the person it's going to affect your judgment. And if people compliment you, are similar to you, are attractive... these can all sway you, unconsciously. I know, you don't fall for those tricks. Well, the biggest bias of all is thinking you're unbiased.

One of the reasons I love The intro alone is worth the watch.

Might want to be careful there...

Perfect! Now that I can fake sincerity, I've got it made.

(just for potential trolls out there, that was a joke)

Chris, ha!

A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a lot of it can be fatal...

fake sincerity

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