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Rudy Gobert explored the elephant graveyard and got himself dunked on

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Have you ever spent many hours debating the ethics of DESTROYING SOMEONE WITH A DUNK!?!?! Also whether your hometown announcers should just play it off when it happens to you? Then this is the debate for you!

I could watch this type of dunk destruction all day long!

Didn't you read the article? It was quite funny!

Yes! Hilarious!

Dunks like this can ruin careers! Look at Frederic Weis. That man's life was never the same.

On the other hand, Gobert has almost exclusively made his fame on epic blocks. His nickname is the Stifle Tower. He owes the tens of millions of dollars he's going to make over the next few years largely to his ability to stand in there and prevent dunks. Does that change the calculus? Brandon Knight getting creamed by DeAndre Jordan is one thing -- that's unfortunate bravado. This is Gobert's job.

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