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Study finds ‘toxic’ employees hurt everyone at work

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Hiring a top 1% worker nets you $5,303... but avoiding a toxic hire nets you $12,489. So even if the toxic employee is a top producer, your org will be way better off in the long run without their BS.

Something to be particularly vigilant about in hiring interviews. 

Against conventional wisdom: It's better to avoid toxic hires than have a chance at a top 1%er.

Agree a million percent, but the problem is, especially in a small business when key information's been given to X employee, it's tough to replace people, and often people are on best behavior during the hiring process. 

This is the delightful thing about working with computer engineers! They generally lack the social skills to hide their true ideas and personalities during job interviews. If someone tells you that a particular idea is stupid during the interview, or that they're looking for a job where they can work slightly less than 40 hours a week, or that they don't want the bother of training junior engineers... you have no call to be surprised when the same behaviors crop up later with worse consequences.

Hahahaha.  True. Wish I had more engineers... 

Marketing people... now those are hard to interview!

Maybe that's my problem... you didn't even get to public servants... 

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